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How do I get my pond ready for winter?

It is good to go into winter with a clean pond.  Wait until frost kills the tops of your hardy plants then cut off the the dead top growth. As the weather cools the plants move food from the top down into the roots for next spring so don't cut off the tops too early. Dip out dead leaves and debris one last time.

Some pond owners are able to cover their pond with netting when trees drop their leaves, but it is not absolutely necessary. I just dip out leaves when they look bad and do a good clean out in the spring. During cold weather the leaves do not break down much so they do not cause any serious problems.

After frost of when water temperature drops below 55F move potted plants deep enough that the roots do not freeze. I run my pump thru the winter for the fish. If you turn your pump off, be sure to keep an open hole during freezing weather to prevent gas build up and to supply oxygen for the fish.

Stop feeding your fish. If they want food they will find it in the pond. Fish can live very well even if they are never fed so don't worry about going away even during the summer.

There is an enzyme product that works very well to dissolve black muck even in winter. Lily Pond Company sells "muckbuster". Ecological Lab. Co. sells "Autumn prep" and Wal-Mart sells "Rid-X" - yes, it is the same thing! It is absolutely eco-friendly. In a 2000 gallon pond you only need to ad 2 oz. per month for 3 to 4 months. If you start in January by May your pond is clean. The enzyme only eats dead organic material and does no harm to fish or plants. Unlike beneficial bacteria it works at any temperature.

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