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The Frog & The Cajun

Down in Louisiana there was an old Cajun man fishing. Heíd had a lot of bites but finally ran out of bait. He started looking around for something he could use when he saw a water moccasin swimming by with a frog in itís mouth. He jumped in and chased the snake down and got it back in the boat but try as he would he couldnít get the frog out of the snakes mouth. He grabbed his jug of moonshine and poured some in the snakes mouth. The snake started to gag and cough and let go of the frog. The Cajun pitched the snake back into the water, baited his hook with the frog and waited. He saw a big old catfish coming for the frog when something tapped him on the foot. He just kicked it away and got ready to set the hook on that big catfish. This time the tap was more persistent and harder. He looked down and there was that old snake with two frogs in itís mouth.


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