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Inexpensive 55 Gallon Bio-Filter

The most effective bio-filters on the market (not the most expensive) cost about $300.00. Keep in mind that it is the principal not the cost of the container that is important. The dirty water is pumped into the bottom of the container into a 3 to 4 inch clear water area where the heavier materials drop out. The water then free flows up thru the filter media, where bacteria trap and eat the organic matter. The water then flows back into the pond.

A very effective filter can be built from a plastic 55 gal. barrel. Black plastic is better then blue or white because black plastic is not affected by UV rays.

Cut the top out of the barrel leaving the rim for strength. Cut the circle removed from the top in half. of the top will be used to make a return spout. Make one inch deep cuts one inch apart on the the straight side of the half circle. Using a heat gun bend these tabs down to 90 degrees. They will be used to attach the spout to the barrel. Now heat the half circle and bend it into a spout with the tabs pointing down. Fit it to the outside of the barrel with the top corners about 3 inches from the rim. Fasten the spout to the barrel by running one screw thru each tab and into the barrel. The cracks can be sealed with silicone or can be plastic welded with a torch and scrap plastic from the top. Now cut out the side of the barrel inside the spout, again leaving the top rim of the barrel for strength.

To get the water into the barrel cut a round hole on the side opposite the spout and about two inches from the bottom. Using a PVC male thread fitting that matches your supply line cut the hole just big enough that the fitting can be screwed into the barrel. Run 2 or 3 screws thru the barrel at an angle into the fitting to keep it from turning. Seal around the threads with silicone.

Use 4 to 5 bricks or a plastic pop crate in the bottom of the barrel to create the clear water space. Fill the barrel with any available plastic material. 2 or 3 20X20 ft fruit tree bird nets @ $6.00 ea. Or a roll of 5 ft. X 100 ft. deer fence @ $14.00 will do nicely. Just wad the netting unto the barrel and weight it down with a flat rock. Aquatic plants in the top will help hide the barrel and will help remove nutrients from the water.

The barrel filter can be hidden with rocks making a waterfall into the pond.

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