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Tilapia Fish

Tilapia are a tropical fish that must have at least 50 degree water. There are many varieties that range in color from almost black to yellow to almost pure white. Research has shown that Tilapia is the fish that Jesus used to feed the 5000. They are a popular game fish in Mexico and native to the Nile River.  When caught they fight like a Bass and have twice as much meat as Crappie or Sand bass.

All have vertical stripes from gills to tail. Adult male fish have a bright red fringe on their fins and tail. The red fringe is much brighter during mating, which is every 6 weeks in warm weather.

Tilapia are mouth brooders. They lay several hundred white eggs which they carry in their mouth until they hatch, which is approx. 72 hours.  The eggs are spit out several times to be cleaned. Sometimes other fish rush in and eat a few if possible. After the fry hatch they are carried in the motherís mouth, being let out to eat algae when it is safe for 10 days to two weeks until they can take care of themselves. During this time the female does not eat.

Tilapia are very good algae eaters but do well on regular fish pellets. They are very fast growing and can grow from egg to fillet in 10 months or less. Because of their growth rate Tilapia are replacing Catfish in many southern fish farms. They are also replacing Carp in China and Japan as the family food due to the KOI virus losses.

As an algae control they are superstars. Two 6 inch fish will eat all the string algae in a 2000 gal. pond in 1 to 1 &1/2 months. They can filter green water algae from the water with their gills and they never bother other plants in the pond. If a couple of Tilapia are put in the pond when the water temperature is 60 degrees they will furnish you a very good healthy meal just before the water reaches the fatel 50 degrees mark in the fall. They are easily caught on a crappie pole baited with red worms.

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