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Pond Maintenance Overview

First the disclaimer:-- You need to know that these are my views and beliefs on how to take care of ponds and watergardens. I was very surprised and disappointed to find that some of the things I read in books and on the internet did not exactly work for me.

Bio-filtration is the best and easiest way to clean water. There are many different bio-filters. It can be any kind of container that has any kind of material in it for bacteria to grow on, a bog garden filled with aquatic plants, or a stream between the waterfall and pond. Bio-filters slow the water down allowing the heavier organic matter to fall out where bacteria and enzymes eat it. In the most effective container filters the dirty water is pumped into the bottom of the container and allowed to free flow up thru the filter material and back into the pond. Bio-filters work best if left undisturbed. If you wash the filter material it takes 4 to 6 weeks for the bacteria to re-colonize the filter and be 100% effective.

I do not empty my ponds for spring cleanup. First, it is not all that much fun. Second, it takes one full season for a new pond to age and become a balanced eco-system. When you empty and muck out a pond you are starting over with a new pond. I dip out leaves with a net that has at least ľ inch holes. I only want to remove leaves and large debris. I remove leaves when they donít look good but have never had a problem with any fish because of leaves and I have researched this thru severe neglect and KOI survived in a pond filled with leaves to the water surface all winter.

To help the bacteria and reduce the dead organic matter I use 2 tablespoons of Rid-X septic tank treatment per 1000 gal. of water once each month. Rid-X is an enzyme that only eats dead organic material, including leaves if given enough time. It not only contains no harmful chemicals but is good for the environment.

I do not like or use pre-filters or mechanical filters. They are absolutely too much work and restricting the input to the pump is not good. Little Giant Pump Co. says that for every 10 degrees you raise the temp. of the pump you cut the life of the pump in half.

I have not found any advantage or disadvantage to running or not running the pump all winter. Some of my ponds I run and some I donít. The ones I donít run take a week or two longer to catch up in the spring but the fish and plants donít seem to care one way or another.

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