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To repair PVC (black) liner including pre-formed ponds all that is required is be sure the area around the hole is clean and dry,  Expose the area above water and scrub it clean.  The natural film of algae can be removed with a wet rag or brush dipped in dry salt.  The salt acts as an abrasive and is not harmful to your plants or fish.

When the repair site and the patch are clean use a blow-dryer or a hand-held propane torch to warm and dry the area.  Be careful not to overheat the liner or you could wind up with a much larger hole than you started with.  A good rule is to not get the liner hotter than you can hold your bare hand on.

Use PVC sheeting cement from a plumbing supply or home center.  Ask for contact cement used to glue white shower stalls.  Do not use pipe glue!  Follow the directions on the can and apply one coat of glue to both the liner and the patch.  Allow the glue to dry-- 3 minutes at 80 degrees F, --8 minutes at 50 degrees F.  The glue will not be tacky to the touch when ready.  Carefully apply the patch, trying to avoid wrinkles, apply pressure for 30 seconds, and you are done.  


EPDM rubber is made by the Firestone Rubber Co. and must be repaired much the same as an inner tube on a car or bicycle.  It must be clean and dry.  The special cleaning solvent and glue are only available where EPDM liners are sold.


Permalon is a new hard black plastic product that is said to stretch up to 500% in all directions and form to the shape of the hole without tearing, and does not try to return to its former shape.  The downside is that even the manufacturer does not recommend home splicing.  I have not found anything that will stick to it.

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