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Algae Oil

I have always heard that there is a reason for everything in the world.  I recently read an article about algae—that stringy green stuff that we all have had great success growing in our watergardens. It seems that algae is the carbon based organic biomass that produced the majority of today's oil reserves.  Algae is one of natures most prolific plants and can produce more tonage in a small area than almost any other plant. Algae also cleans the environment by converting sunshine and carbon dioxide into good clean air and stored carbon.

It can also be very simply processed into bio-fuel by being pressed like grapes or olives to extract the oil, or it can be distilled like corn is into bio-diesel ( or moonshine ). And the left over by-product is a protein rich food source for people and animals. The department of energy office of fuels development at the natural renewable energy laboratories in golden colo. Have studied this since 1978. They estimate that it would take less than 10% of the u. S. Land mass to produce 100% of the oil we use now from algae.

For more information go to  www.biodieselalgae@yahoo.com or search the web for algae-oil.

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